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Here you will find short, illustrated stories for kids that sometimes make them laugh, sometimes teach a lesson, but always entertain. I started writing for my nephews who are in another state as a way to stay close to them and share something that I created just for them. After some prodding by my sister and husband, I am posting them here as well to share with other people looking for a way to connect with the children in their lives and help develop a love of reading. I wanted the stories to be fun to read, both for the kids and the parents sharing in the journey with them. Some of the stories are meant to teach something important, like to be kind and inclusive. Others are just purely for fun and a giggle. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed creating them!

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Just your average food loving, puzzle solving, travel minded, British-mystery-watching New Yorker who has the urge to tell a story now and then.